Update: I’ve heard from Intercom but I was unsuccessful.

It turned out that "it wouldn't be viable for such a short time" to bring me over to Dublin from Slovakia.

If you can help me to find an opportunity at:

  • Company well-known in the US.
  • Company where my work would have an impact.
  • Company where I can learn a lot from more senior product designers.
  • Company where I can save some money for my further university studies.

Definitely shoot me an e-mail.

Thanks a lot for all your support and kind words.


Hey Intercom.
My name is Marek.
I want to join your team.

Marek Dlugos

I want to join your Product Design team as an intern. I can jump on the plane to Dublin on 10th of June and help you for 4 months.

I graduate in May 2018 so if you will like my work I would be more than happy to join fulltime!

Got 55 seconds to spare to watch the video I’ve made for you?

This video was made for Emmet, Director of Product Design.

Cool things I've done.


Last summer I interned at Shopify.

Y Combinator Hacker News

My site was featured on YC Hacker News twice.

Dribbble Meetup

I’ve organized two Dribbble meetups.

One in Prague and another in Ottawa with over 300 attendees altogether.

“Marek is a highly motivated individual with a diverse skill set.”

Vivienne Kay, Designer at Shopify

Let my work speak out on my behalf.

Since some of the stuff I have worked on has not been published yet, I will be happy to share it with you privately via e-mail.

Why I want to intern

  • I’m not a superhero or an unicorn. But I learn fast and I want to become a better Product Designer.
  • I love your company culture and the way you communicate with outside world (books, podcast…).
  • In the future I would like to make a transition to Product Management. Where can I learn how to be a good PM than in the place where product management evolved?
  • We share the same values.

I can benefit your team by

  • Working on ideas that have high priority and need more resources.
  • Bringing a fresh pair of eyes. See the things from different point of view. For instance, I’ve reviewed your platform on-boarding and here is what I’ve found.
  • Bringing more code talent into a team.
  • And finally - introducing you to Slovak culture. For instance, do you know how to pronounce “čučoriedky”?

Every day counts. Let me know if I can start packing my things!

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